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Red-Series Audiophile Ground Cable

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Red-Series Audiophile Ground Cable by A.L.A Audio

Looking for improvements in dynamic's, a lower noise floor, smoother and more natural sound.

A low-impedance path to ground is critical in ensuring the best possible sonic performance of your system. 

Stray ground noise inherently seeks the fastest path to earth, even if that means taking a detour via your new 6N interconnect cables!

When you connect Red Series Ground Cable to your equipment you now provide stray high-frequency noise with a much more attractive route to earth ground where they can find peace, instead of floating around in your equipment.   

Each ground conductor is an aggregate size of 1.2mm2, made from the tastiest pure-silver micro LITZ strands that those naughty high frequencies will not be able to resist.

In combination with a A.L.A Pure Copper AU Mains plug ( wired to 0v earth ) and your choice of premium Spade/RCA/USB/XLR fitting's high frequencies will sing with joy, 'just not from your speakers!'.

  • Optional Ground Leads
  • Optional termination: Spade, RCA, USB, XLR
  • Optional Length: Standard 1.0 m

Connect to unused output's or direct to chassis of all equipment / balanced transformers, power supply chassis, even to your metal equipment rack and hear the difference a lower noise floor can make. 

Use in combination with our Audiophile Active Ground System for even further Sonic Improvement's.