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HiFiMAN / V1000 / Ananda / Sundara / Arya Planar Magnetic | Suit / 2.5mm & 3.5mm to 4-Pin XLR or 4.4mm Balanced) Headphone Cable Upgrade

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An Ultra-high-Performance headphone cable upgrade to suit HifiMan or other headphones that require a cable with 2x male 2.5mm in to 1x Balanced XLR or 4.4mm out. Meticulously built entirely by hand, a laborsom process  requiring long hours to precision specifications that are tested with advanced diagnostic equipment including: DIGITAL OSCILLOSCOPE & LCR metre to ensure optimal performance. 

Made in Australia by A.L.A Audio using high performance Neotech Metal's that are custom made specifically for building headphone cables. You can also talk directly with the person making your cable to discuss you your needs and have tailor made to your requirement's.

* Will an upgrade to a balanced cable really make a big difference in the sound coming from your headphones?. Technical improvements of balanced-drive are the doubling of the amplifier slew rate and voltage swing (resulting in excellent dynamic quickness), plus a major reduction in THD and line crosstalk noise due to elimination of the common ground plane, but all that aside, can you actually hear these improvement's you are asking, the answer is yes! you certainly can! the micro details and precision imaging in some of todays high resolution modern records is an absolutely surreal experience to listen to. 

This balanced cable has optional two pure copper Rhodium Plated 3.5mm or 2.5mm L/R earcup made with your choice of PCOCC copper or OCC 6N Pure-Silver conductors, the wire geometry has calculated to ensure headphone impedance exceeding 600 Ohms will optimally preform and wire geometry is increased or doubled up based on overall length of cable. 

Fitted with Pure-Copper fittings that are the highest in performance avalable XLR, or 4.4mm 2.5mm and 3.5mm fittings available. We use Furutech silver solder as we have found it's characters are optimal for headphones and use a nitrogen assisted solder process. Furutech Nano Liquid is used to coat solder joints, debase impedance, improve sound quality and protect against oxidisation. 

Please contact for more information or to make custom modifications.