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Ethereal ™ Pure-Silver Speaker Cables by A.L.A Audio

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Ethereal ™ Pure-Silver Speaker Cable by A.L.A Audio

Made by A.L.A Audio Australia, meticulously crafted from the ground up, tailored to suit your specific system requirements - 

  • Conductor material is Australian mined 99.995% Pure-Silver, custom manufactured in a state of the art Australian facility & specialty slow drawn through diamond dies; highly annealed to obtain long crystal restructuring
  • 8 x 0.8mm round and 8 x 0.8mm equivalent flat ribbon conductors are used per cable
  • Insulation consists of multiple layers of aerospace grade materials such as PTFE, Cotton & PE Tapes, Mylar/foil, 3K-carbon and Kapton®
  • Each conductor is positioned dead centre within PTFE Air tubes in multiple star quad formations that are then placed in a larger overall helix formation ensuring low inductance as well as low capacitance, thus ensuring transmission of full dynamics with a perfectly linear rise in frequency spectrum.
  • The wire tag end is marked when wire is drawn to identify grain direction so we ensure hot and return is correctly directionalized during construction each wire batch is also subjected to listening tests to confirm chosen direction. The cable is then assembled by hand, a painstaking process requiring long hours before being secured in place under high pressure; ensuring conductors remain perfectly in position mitigating mechanical resonance and ensuring matching and consistent electrical properties exist in both and throughout the length of each cable.

Sold as a Stereo pair. if Bi-wiring is necessary please contact me as I can discuss several  different options and possible configurations with you

Your cable will have 48 hours of pre-burn in on our Audiodharma Cable Cooker

+ 200 hours of total burn in is required with 50 of those hours undisturbed in your system. Detailed instructions for remainder of burn in will be provided

Additional time on cooker is available on request 

  • Trial these cables at home for 30 day, ask about our cable loan program 

* Custom made to order, please allow up to 12 business days to dispatch