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NEOTECH NEI-3001 MKIII Balanced interconnect braided Cable OCC Silver plated Ø10.5mm

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NEI-3001 III

The Neotech NEI 3001 MKIII modulation cable is made up of the latest technological developments which have made the reputation of the brand. Incorporating 99.99998% pure Up-OCC copper conductors recognized for their sound balance, this symmetrical cable with two multi-strand and two single-stranded conductors comprising an alternation of OCC strands without plating and silver-plated OCC strands, benefits from a particular topology .

Dielectric insulators are a clever mix of alternating Polyethylene (PE) air tubes. This design minimizes the effects of capacitance. The benefit is immediate with a treble and harmonics well integrated into the rest of the audible spectrum.

The PE air pipe conductors and insulators are thus held by a PTFE insulating tape preventing the transmission of electric and static discharges created by the double shielding in aluminum Mylar and an OCC copper foil.

Everything is enclosed in a sheet of paper with cotton fibers for the mechanical strength of the whole. The result is surprising, mixing often contradictory qualities, such as sitting and articulation in the bass, a readable, natural soundstage with a High Definition in the medium without hearing fatigue.

Characteristics :

  • 2X6 Up-OCC Copper Conductors (99.99998% Pure) 2x5 unplated and silver-plated OCC conductors
  • 2 single-strand Up-OCC conductors
  • 3-layer insulation: 9 Polyethylene Tubes, PTFE tape, PVC outer sheath
  • Cable outer diameter: 10.5mm
  • Sold by the meter

- Structure of the OCC Neotech NEI 3001MKIII cable -