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FP-702F(G) & FP-701M(G) XLR Plug by Furutech (Set)

定價 $72.00

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FP-702F(G) &  FP-701M(G) XLR Plug Audio Grade XLR Connector pair 

(Price is for pair Male and Female, Please contact us if you need top purchase them individually) 

Furutech Pure Transmission Philosophy
Meticulous build quality is a large part of the engineering equation. Furutech Pure Transmission technology turns a macro lens on every element of power and signal transfer applying optimized engineering solutions to well-known problems such as contact resistance, EMI and RFI rejection, grounding, and using the best materials and processes available.

- Eutectic cast copper alloy α(Alpha) center pin
- Copper alloy body and PBT plus fiberglass insulation
- Connections: Soldered

- Specified for cable diameters up to 9.0mm
- Dimensions: 21.3mm ± 0.1mm diameter x 63.2mm ± 0.1mm overall length.