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Andesine ™ Ultra-pF Audiophile Power Cable

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Andesine ™ Ultra-pF Audiophile Power Cable


  • Made from 3 x 4.0mm High-purity Japanese Furutech copper conductors in PE Jacket. Teflon is then wrapped around each conductor before adding the first PVC jacket effectively spacing the copper braided shielding away from conductors to ensure maximum clarity, finished with a CL3 Rated PVC Anti-Electrostatic Outer Jacket
  • Suitable for all equipment ranging from source equipment to hungry power amplifiers and leading into power regenerators 
  • 100% Pure Copper, Gold plated A.L.A Audio IEC and 3 Pin Australian Power Plug fittings
    • Made In Australia and built to comply with Australian Standards
    Addition of this cable to a reveling system can result in improved imaging, frequency extension, better channel separation, cleaner backgrounds, improved clarity and tonal accuracy and sound stage extension, especially noticeable during complex dynamic passages.
      • Available in Red, Black, Blue please add in checkout notes your preference.