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Advanced AC EMI / RFI Filter Power Board by A.L.A. Audio

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A.L.A High-end Advanced AC Power EMI RFI Filter Power Distribution Board

Silver and Black finish, universal sockets that won't limit you to using only Australian power cables.
This power board has an IEC C13/15 compatible female input socket so you can use  you own high performance AC power cable from wall socket to the power board, reducing overall resistance and further eliminating restrictions in the AC signal path. 
Custom proprietary internal circuitry designed and manufactured in Australia. 
Features & details

POWER CLEAN - EMI/RFI noise reduction with advanced dynamic filter technology using Industry leading inline heavy duty, ultra low resistance 15 Amp EMI filter from Delta Electronics  you can rest assured no dampening of dynamics or cutting off in higher frequencies within the audible spectrum. 
NO CROSS-CONTAMINATION - By eliminating daisy chain like most power boards, we not only prevent one unit getting power before another but prevent equipment cross contamination, achieved by running 2 x direct Separate lengths 10 AWG wire ideal for Power amps and 2 x 14 AWG ideal for Source Equipment, TV etc, high quality silver plated OFC copper wire is used manufactured by Viborg and professionally soldered using a nitrogen assisted premium silver solder manufactured in Germany by Felder Lottechnik. 
15 amp OVERLOAD PROTECTION. Maximum transient spike impulse current 208,000 amps, more than enough for even the largest power amps. 

  1. Optional upgrade 1: OCC solid core copper wiring, advanced star earthing with 100% isolation of analog and digital ground

  2. Optional upgrade 25N Pure-Silver internal wiring, advanced star earthing with 100% isolation of analog and digital ground 

  3. Optional upgrade 3: Furutech US Mains sockets, 5N Pure-Silver internal wiring, Furutech FI-06 IEC inlet, much thicker solid 1 piece aluminium chassis enabling 100% elimination of EMI/RFI radiation and absorption via faraday shielding, direct wiring and direct pass through design with removal of filter & surge protector for maximum transient current capacity 

  4. Option 1 AU Version : All features of Upgrade 1 with added Pure-Copper Deep Cryo Treated AU mains sockets 
  5. Option 2 AU Version : All features of Upgrade 2 with added Pure-Copper Deep Cryo Treated AU mains sockets 


    Number of outlets: Four Universal or Optional AU pure copper terminals

    Mains voltage 240VA 50-60Hz 10-15 Amp

    Dimensions 80 x 45 x 480mm (W x H x D)
    Max Spike Volt: 3000V
    Max Surge Current (8x20s): 1000A
    Mas Clamping Volt (8x20s): 470V
    Noise Filter: >-40dB (2~100MHz)

    Power cable not included. Image for visual reference only