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SoundArtist S5B HIFI Speaker Desktop Bookshelf Loud Speaker 5 Inch (Pair)

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SoundArtist S5B HIFI Speaker Desktop Bookshelf Loud Speaker 5 Inch (Pair) 

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1. Silk film tweeter, the silk film is coated with a special fiber damping material diaphragm, high temperature resistance. Sweet and natural tone;
The 2.5-inch platinum speaker uses a colloidal fiber diaphragm, a rubber-soaked fabric fiber overhang, and a double-layered voice coil inside and outside. The platinum speaker unit has a better sound guide function than other mid-bass units. Avoid structural phase distortion, and make listeners hear more accurate, clear, bright, thick and stable sound effects;
3. Crystal binding posts and two-way splitting wiring posts are beneficial for signal transmission, improve sound quality, and can reduce speaker distortion;
4. Rear guide holes, S5B is designed for rear air vents. When the speaker is working, the film will move back and forth continuously to promote air rear air vents, which can increase airflow and flow direction and let low frequency dive. Deeper;
5. Use E1 environmental protection board, S5B uses high-density E1 board, the internal structure is fine, the density is very balanced, and the inside and outside are consistent. This board can make the airflow inside the speaker more uniform, balance the sound, reduce noise, and improve the sound quality. Take it one step further.

Product parameters:
15-150W rated power
Frequency response range: 48Hz-30KHz
Sensitivity 87db
Power 15-250W
Impedance 6 ohms
3 inch tweeter * 1
Woofer 5 inch * 1
Weight 15KG(a pair)
Size Length 32 * Depth 18 * Height 43CM (12.59in * 7.08in * 16.92in)