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SMSL SH-8 Fully Balanced High Performance Headphone Amplifier

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The newly designed discrete output stage circuit has ultra low distortion, as low as 0.001%, and the output current is larger than before.

A fully balanced circuit design from inputs to outputs.

Use electronic volume control to ensure the volume level are the same for left and right channel.

Use lots of audio grade component and HIFI coupling capacitors.

Popless mute circuit and protection circuit, for the health of headphones.

Built-in tone control function and SDB EQ mode, easily adapt your headphones.

Powered by a linear power supply, the all-aluminum CNC milling chassis to reduce magnetic noise.

The OLED display and user-friendly operating system are easy to understand and  can be operated by remote controller of SU-8.


Remote control:
Install 2 x AAA batteries as instructions.

When using the remote control, point it toward the remote con-trol signal receiver on the main unit from a distance of 5 m (16 ft) or less. Do not place obstructions between the main unit and the remote control.

The remote control might not work if the remote control signal receiver on the unit is exposed to direct sunlight or bright light. If this occurs, try moving the unit.
Beware that use of this remote control could cause the unin-tentional operation of other devices that can be controlled by infra.


1. This remote controller use 2 x R03/AAA battaries;
2. When you first operate SH-8,press the B key first



The SH-8 has remote control function, but the remote controller is not included.

If you need it,please contact us freely,in addition, the SU-8 remote control can be used for SH-8.


Change Settings:

Short press : Menu Switch
Long press : Power ON/OFF and quit menu

Outside the menu : Volume control
In the menu : Control of menu items

Input interface:Unbalanced (RCA) x 1, Balanced (XLR) x 1
Output interface :6.35mm headphone jack, balanced headphone jack

Unbalanced headphones 
32Ω 420mW 
64Ω 377mW 
150Ω 190mW 
300Ω 100mW 
600Ω 51mW 
SNR :107dB 


Balanced headphones
32Ω 655mW
64Ω 835mW
150Ω 717mW
300Ω 400mW
600Ω 205mW
SNR :109dB

Power Consumption :3.5W
Standby power<0.1W
Size :185x40x125 (WxHxD)
Weight :1.0kg