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iHP-35Hx-XLR - Furutech (2 x XLR) SENNHEISER HD-800 Balanced headphone cable

常规价格 $680.00

税金(包含)。 结账时计算的运费

The iHP-35 series are no ordinary cables; they’re engineered and produced with Furutech’s Pure Transmission technology and feature silver-plated (Alpha) OCC conductors for minimal transmission loss. The cable achieves top-grade noise isolation – in a RoHS-compliant sheath. The main conductors are treated with Furutech’s   (Alpha) Process – a deep cryogenic and demagnetizing treatment. The result is outstanding, wideband, colorful and engaging sound that audiophiles and music lovers will love.

iHP-35Hx-XLR is terminated with the Carbon Fibre Furutech CF-600 series XLR connectors to Carbon Fibre Furutech CF-H800 connectors.


  • 130cm (4.1ft) and 300cm (9.5ft).


  • SENNHEISER HD-800, HD-820

Furutech CF-601M(R) XLR (x2) - Furutech CF-H800 (R) For SENNHEISER HD-800