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Willsenton R-800i 300B 805 tube Single-ended Class A Integrated Amp & power amplifier with true Balanced XLR input

Australia Version 240V

Audiophile Store, Authorised Reseller, Australia Stock, Local Warranty, Full Support

Audiophile Store Australia has been granted exclusive permission from Willsenton & China Hifi-Audio (the only Authorised Reseller of Willsenton products) to resell the Willsenton Export Range to the Australian Market covered by a 1 year local AU warranty and official Willsenton 1 year Manufacturer Warranty for your peace of mind. 

Demo's are available on appointment, 805 version currently in AU stock 845 version and all other Willsenton products that are not listed are available on request.

Willsenton R-800i 300B 805 is an integrated Amplifier that can also function as a power amplifier with dedicated PRE-IN socket essentially bypassing the pre amplification valve stage. 


The Export version use the piano lacquer transformer cover that show it very high range.
The Export version use the Special Tailor-Made tube socket for the 805, so, make the tubes very good connect and strong, tubes get long life and have nice sound.
Hand welding point to point, the main circuit adopts shed welding
Two wide frequency high-end EI type single-ended output transformers with high-end special technology and high-quality broadband response made of Z11 iron core to get the sweet sound.
High-voltage power supply and filament power supply independently use large high-efficiency toroidal, high-power power transformers with Z11 cores and special materials with sweet voice.
High voltage and low voltage dual power transformer, double insurance design, lightning protection and short circuit protection and electronic tube insurance are adopted to prevent the electronic tube from burning the transformer. Level meter and bias meter switching use. Blu ray dual meter design, true full balance input and pure rear stage independent input.
The whole machine is designed with aluminium alloy casing. It adopts imported materials and is tested and inspected in strict accordance with European standards.
The front stage uses one 12AX7(ECC83)(Brand JJ) and two 6SN7 vacuum tubes; the driving part uses two 300B electronic tubes to amplify the rear stage.
The front stage uses a 274B(fishhook style) for rectification
The rear stage uses two 805A vacuum tubes for class A single-ended power amplification
Five groups of signal input A, B, C, (D) BALANCE, E (PREIN) This machine is specially equipped with balanced input function and pure rear function
Power on mute delay function, soft-start feature to prolong tube life (about 30 seconds).
Infrared function remote control
Use Japanese ALPS high-end potentiometer
Easy-to-install plug-in vacuum tube shield
Peripheral power tube bias current adjustment function and power output level meter sensitivity switch
Negative feedback circuit design
Soft, pure and sleek sound, suitable for listening to various types of music

Product parameters:
Rated output power: 48W + 48W (RMS)
Machine frequency response: 12Hz ~ 35kHz (-1.5dB)
Input sensitivity: 280mV
          Balance input: 280mV
          Pure power stage: 1800mV
Input impedance: 100KΩ
Output impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω, 16Ω
Harmonic distortion: 1% (1kHz)
Signal to noise ratio: 90dB
Left and right output balance: <± 0.5dB
Power consumption: 380W
Vacuum tube: 12AX7 × 1, 6SN7 × 2, 274B x1, 300B × 2, 805 × 2
Working conditions: temperature: 0 ° c ~ 40 ° c humidity: 20% -80%
Storage conditions: temperature: 20 ° c ~ 70 ° c humidity: 20% -90%
Machine volume: (440 * 410 * 275) mm
Net weight: 42kg
Gross weight: 48kg
Power supply voltage: AC 100V to 240V 60Hz/50Hz, 110V, 115V, 220V and 230V version are in stock. 100V, 120V and 240V usually takes 7-14 business days to order.

The 845 tubes can NOT work on a 805 R-800i amplifier, the 805 tubes can NOT work on a 845 R-800i amplifier.
They are completely different amplifiers.

What is difference between 845 and 805 tubes?
Usually, the 845 tubes have a smooth sound, it is good at human voice, very nice sound, but the power is not too high, so, 845 fits the speakers are high efficiency.
805 tubes have a high power, so, it work well with most of speakers(but please don't use 805 at a pair of very high efficiency speakers), and 805 is good at large dynamic music like Symphony, jazz.
Note: Please contact us for shipping quote as unit is not covered under free standard shipping due to 49kg weight.