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VHF-N/R USB 2.0 Audio Cable by A.L.A

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Made in Australia by A.L.A Audio, this High-Performance USB Audio Cable is tuned to reject Very-High-Frequency-Noise within audible spectrum in the form of intermodular distortion and from noise transfered on signal ground.

Constructed from 2 x Individually shielded Solid-core 6N Copper twisted pairs that have been tested to ensure they meet the differential characteristic impedance of 90 ohms parameters required for optimum signal integrity thus preventing internal signal reflections.

  • Each conductor is surface treated effectly eliminating skin effect at frequencies over 960 MHz
  • A two stage advanced shielding  and TDK Tuned Ferrite suppressor  protects near by signal conductors from reflected high frequency EMI
  • High-Performance Gold plated Pure-Copper USB type A to B terminations have been treated with Piezoelectric tuning strips to prevent unwanted mechanical resonance in form of vibrations as well as preventing micro electrical tribulations.