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Semblance Interconnect Cables by A.L.A Audio Technology

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Semblance Balanced Interconnect Cables by A.L.A Audio Australia 

"Neutral and free from colour & fatiguing artefacts that are often associated with Silver cables; highly resolving in nature, enabling accuracy of digital high resolution sources while maintaining all the warmth and musicality expected from analogue recordings 

Made in Australia by A.L.A Audio from ground up, a labour intensive process done entirely by hand this triple balanced XLR interconnect strikes a perfect balance of musicality and tonal accuracy, offering clarity far superior to copper; an excellent introductory cable if interested how pure silver will sound in your system. 

Key Features:

  • A triple balanced construction with 3 identical 0.5mm2 single solid core round annealed conductors per cable using certified 99.99% pure-silver, no plating, dialectic coatings, glue or similar is used, all a cause of sonic brightness and colouring. 
  • The ultra low capacitance of 23 pF per metre was made possible by maximising use of Air as an electrical dialectic.
  • 3K conductive carbon and mylar is employed to shield against interference
  • Teflon and pure cotton core ensure conductor geometry is perfectly aligned and protected against mechanical resonance  
  • XLR plugs with pins and sockets made from pure copper
  • Includes 5 hours on cable cooker

*RCA version also available on request 

* Built to order please allow 5 days to dispatch