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TFZ Balance 7 New Generation of Flat-panel Flagship Earphones HiFi In- Ear Earphones

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The material thickness is extremely thin (about 11-16 microns for circuit + base film), and the sound response speed of the driver is extremely fast, which is 2-3 times of the sound speed of traditional earphone.It's extraordinary in high-frequency performance,easily extended to 50KHz,elegant and gentle.

The actual listening performance, the intermediate frequency is loose, clear and thick, the tri-band performance is balanced, the low frequency is not exaggerates, the high frequency is smooth and not harsh, the large Dynamic sound field is stable, and the transient sensitive control is accurate.

The overall acoustic quality presents less sound accuracy and reductivity than conventional dynamic in-ear headphones.It is the TFZ brand.It's an important innovation and breakthrough in acoustic design. The sound quality is excellent and dynamic, and it's very impressive. Its territory.

Model Number: TFZ Balance 7
Unit: plate unit
Magnetic material: NdFeB
Rated impedance: 18Ω±15%
Maximum power: 1W(200mS)
Sensitivity: 103dB/1mW
Frequency response range: 8-45KHz
Effective vibration area of diaphragm: 4.52 cm2
Distortion: < 2%(1KHZ)