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T.R Power - 120W Ultra-low Noise linear regulated power supply

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T.R Power - 120W Ultra-low Noise linear regulated power supply

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This linear power supply uses 2N6688 + MOTO-MC1723 with adjustable circuit architecture.

MC1723 has 1-level differential feedback and stable bias current is provided by the voltage regulator circuit. In addition, the temperature coefficient of the reference voltage is also very stable. The bias tube VDW provides regulated input voltage for the MC1723, and the HPP of VT1 reaches beyond 1000 times; Even if the load current changes.
The output voltage of MC1723 remains stable < 3mV, which is high-precision voltage regulation. 

This linear power supply is used to upgrade various audio equipment, digital equipment, Network Switches, Modems, NAS hard disk boxes, mobile hard disk boxes, various CAS, wireless routers, fibre optic modules, set-top boxes, MAC mini, PC HiFi, Thinkpad HP Asus and other portable computers.

Working voltage: 240v
Dual Output voltage: Maximum output current of single group 5A  (Output 5A current from two groups at the same time)

DC12V/5A+DC12V /5A
DC12V/5A+DC5V /5A
Dimensions(W*H*D): 135MM * 80MM * 340MM
Net weight: 4KG

Dual Output terminal: 2*2P output seat

Dual Output DC cable plug type: default 5.5*2.5mm (Polarity: Internal + / outside - ),Interfaces and is compatible 5.5X2.1MM

Package list:
1 × Finished linear power supply
2 × Oxygen-free copper output DC cable
AC input cable   1PCS