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By improving the power quality and with the addition of a TCXO low phase noise high performance crystal oscillator Bonn N8 significantly improves sound & image quality. 
Bonn N8 is equipped with 8 high quality gigabit Ethernet ports that galvanically isolate connected audio devices ensuring no noise leaks to connected devices. Through the network signal quality improvements from Bonn N8, it introduce significant improvement in music streaming  playback through streaming service or NAS.
Precise control of the clock signal
Silent Angels customized TCXO (Temperature Compensation crystal Oscillator) is highly accurate. The accuracy is 0.1ppm, which is much higher than normal crystal and higher than a normal TCXO. With this TCXO, Bonn N8 is able to generate more accurate network signal and provide more stable music data transmission.


Improved Main Board Design

Two electrical noise isolation circuits, with noise rejection rate 17dB, for power circuit.

Two electrical noise isolation circuits, with noise rejection rate 20dB, for clock generation circuit.


These noise isolation circuit ensures Bonn N8 to work in stable state, and as a result, it generates stable network signals.

High Permeability EMI Absorber

Furthermore, to reduce noise from digital circuits, Bonn N8 has special chosen EMI absorber at the inner side of bottom case to absorb the EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) from the inner digital circuit and make the network signal and clock circuit more stable and clear. Ensure Bonn N8 works more stable and generate more clear network signals.

The innovative value of Bonn N8

Comparing to general network switch, innovation and creative technologies is the core value of Bonn N8. The resulting improvements can be seen and proven on the signal measurements. Engineer in Thunder Data had found Bonn N8 network signal is much better than that of a general network switch.