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24th...Bit ™ Pure-Silver Power Cable by A.L.A

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24th...Bit ™ Pure-Silver Power Cable by A.L.A

"Clean, clear, super dynamic and lively sound. Another level of veil was removed from the system. Astonishing tonal accuracy and decay immediately noticeable in piano and guitar notes, results were similar regardless of other power cables in the chain" 


  • Live and Neutral have total of four 1.5mm2 round solid-core conductors 
  • Earth consists one round holo silver plated 6N copper Litz conductor equivalent to 4.0mm
  • Made from USA origin mono crystal 5N 99.999% pure silver manufactured by an industry leader to our specifications
  •  Conductor directionality and surface treatment are applied as well as nano treatment of each point of contact 

Construction & Design

Researched, designed and hand built in Melbourne Australia, meticulously constructed from ground up

The construction methods used are designed to address six critical areas of performance degradation:

1. Reduction of effects from mechanical resonance and other vibration

2. Maintain accuracy of conductor  geometry

3. Achieving electrical properties that meet engineering tolerances

4. Strength and flexibility of cable

5. Formation of large magnetic fields affecting nearby equipment's

Optional Plug's:

1. FURUTECH FI-50(R) NFC IEC & Power Connector 

 2. FURUTECH FI-28 (R) IEC & Power Connector  

We use genuine certified parts ensuring cables comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS 3112:2000 and AS/NZS 3112:2004. 

 30 day risk free trial, take home and try with your system to determine compatibility