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Network Streamer Power Supply Upgrade

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Designed and built is Australia by A L.A. for converting SMSL DP5 and SD9  network streamers from Internal SMPS to external torriadial regulated linear power supply.

Kit comes with all necessary components and detailed instructions. 

Easy DIY assembly in under one hour no soldering or cutting, it can easily be returned to standard if needed, the only tools you need is a screw driver to remove top of case (and existing SMPS if you chose but not necessary).

The benifits in removing SMPS from audio chain is highly beneficial, additionally the improved power supply and reduction of radiated EMI by having power supply external offer higher clarity and depth, improvments in sound staging, imaging, cleaner and more organised presentation.

These improvments increase with your level of system performance. 

Included in kit: 

  • 30w 3A torriadial linear 5v regulated external power supply
  • Quick-fit detachable bridge cable from PCB to DC input:
  • Gold plated pure copper DC input  and screw mountable faceplate to replace existing IEC output
  • A.L.A Red-Series Solid-core PC-OCC copper 18 guage shielded DC cable with pure copper gold plated DC plugs - 1.5m 
  • Instruction video 

* Please contact for customisation or to suit other types of equipment