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GUSTARD U18 USB Audio Digital Interface

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GUSTARD U18 USB Interface Fully Isolation K2 Ultra Low Noise Clock Synthesizer DSD512 PCM768kHz XU216

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U18 is the new generation of high-performance USB audio interface DDC designed by Gustard 


Full isolation
Using advanced grounding technology to achieve over 200 Mbps of isolation effectively eliminating all interference from your PC or streamer

2nd generation clock Synthesizer with ultra-Low phase noise
K2 is an in house advanced clock system that can generate the audio-specific frequency using a 10Mhz clock source with extremely low loss.

* Option to Support external 10Mhz OCXO Clock.

Independent CPLO for signal shaping
In the CPLD for signal processing, the isolated IIS signal is reshaped to remove the jitter introduced by the isolator

Selected crystal for Hi-end audio, AS338
Two AS338 Hi-End audio oscillators from Accusilicon.
In order to meet the strict requirements, each crystal is packaged with nitrogen gas, and 100% checked by a phase noise analyser.
Its phase noise and short-term stability are far ahead of similar products.
The jitter is as low as 38fs, which greatly improves the bass quality, and brings a more natural sound.
The power supply of clock is based on LT3045-a high-performance low dropout linear regulator, whose RMS Noise is only 0.8uVRMS (10Hz to 100kHz).