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Galaxy High-Performance Power Cable by A.L.A.

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Galaxy High-Performance Audiophile Grade Power Cable by A.L.A.

Made in Australia and built from ground-up using 4x1.5mm2 Litz Solid-Core Linear Crystal Copper Conductors for each Live, Neutral and Earth 

A two stage advanced shielding system is applied to prevent internal and external interference: 

1. Aerospace grade 3K conductive carbon

2. Foil shielding of each L, N,E with 52 identical length drain wires connected at lowest impedance section shunting noise to ground 

Solid-Core High Purity Copper Conductor arrangement is tuned for noise rejection with no sacrific in clarity, with each secured against mechanical resonance within oversize PTFE air tubes achieving minimal contact with solid dialectic and maximising air as a dialectic resulting in significant improvement's in clarity, speed and tonal realism. 

Plug Terminations:

  • A.L.A Audio C15 Pure-Copper IEC
  • Furutech FI-11 AU-3112 Gold Plated Australian approved 3-Pin Power Connector

Built to comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS 3112:2000 and AS/NZS 3112:2004. 

Available to demo free with no obligation for up to 30 days in your own system