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Jade ™  FX-Ag Pure Silver Audiophile F-type RJ6 Coaxial Cable

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We have been experimenting with upgrades to the coaxial cable that runs from your wall to NBN router. As you know upgrades to the ethernet cable yeild great results, that's why we developed the A.L.A. Audio FX-Ag F- type to f-type pure silver  coaxial cable, without doubt our data shows significant improvements in attenuation of higher frequency, lower loss, less jitter and improved speeds over the standard supplied cable, so how does it sound?

Just when we thought our reference system sounded complete, during r&d we started seeing further improvements, the more we tweaked and improved the cable the wider more open the sound stage, crisper, more delicate in high frequency, faster transient response and greater overall detail. 

*Can also be used at a standard 75 ohm coaxial RCA cable with RCA screw fittings that are included 



・2 meters - Alpha - Pure Silver Conductor(7pcs/0.18mm) (25 AWG) / (0.178

・Insulation-1 : Fluoropolymer
・Insulation-2 : Polyethylene foam
・Shield: PET/Al Tape + 0.10mm α (Alpha)Conductor wire Braid
・Sheath: Flexible PVC ( Green)
・Characteristic Impedance :75 ± 3 Ω
・Overall Diameter: 8.0mm (25AWG)