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FURUTECH F-35 Audiophile (R) Rhodium 6.3mm - 3.5mm Headphone Adaptor

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FURUTECH F-35 Audiophile (R) Rhodium  6.3mm - 3.5mm Headphone Adaptor 

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Audio Adaptors by nature will degrade sound quality, some significantly more than others.

Using genuine Furutech products as opposed to alternatives you know you are not just getting something with a shiny gold or chrome plating over brass, these are very poor at conducting electrical signals. 

They’re are engineered and produced with Furutech’s Pure Transmission technology and feature Genuine Pure Rhodium-plated (Alpha) OCC conductors for minimal transmission loss. The cable achieves top-grade noise isolation – in a RoHS-compliant sheath. The main conductors are treated with Furutech’s   (Alpha) Process – a deep cryogenic and demagnetizing treatment. The result is outstanding, wideband, colorful and engaging sound with sound improvements that immanently obvious.