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Ethereal ™ Pure-Silver/Gold RCA Interconnect Cables

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Ethereal ™ Pure-Silver/Gold Ribbon RCA Interconnect Cables by A.L.A Audio

Performance Beyond Copper

Hand crafted in Australia from the ground up from pure-silver / pure-gold ribbon conductors.

"The addition of a 24k pure-gold ribbon conductor to the positive leg and 2 x  pure-silver ribbon conductors on return displayed less grain and a more fluid and analog sound in several systems they were tested in.. sounding best in neutral to warmer systems with smooth jazz and female vocals due to their punchy bass, slightly warmer timbre and more life-like tonal characteristics"             _______________________________________________________________________

Ethereal series by A.L.A Audio use pure silver conductors that are manufactured in the USA and come with a batch and date certified laboratory Assay purity report, provided with purchase of your cable 

Each metal conductor is subjected to several conditioning stages during the cable build:

1. Directionality of Grain - maintained throughout build process ensuring the signal and return paths run in direction of the grain 

2. Conductor geometry -  As well as length affects cable performance and alters electrical properties, our (Tuned Pair) is built with care and attention to ensure each pair exibits identical electrical value's and different lengths built to meet the design engineering tolarences

3. Conductor surface - Preparation with several types of chemical and polishing treatments ensuring smooth flow of electrons at higher frequencies

4. Eddy currents - Created when the signal conductors make contact with another material with differences, adbomalities or incompatabilities. Addressed through careful use of dialectics maximising air and in metal to metal cociderations, elemination of Nickel in metal coating of plugs and cold-weld of terminations

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