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E-max high-performance audio grade Shielded CAT7 Ethernet patch cable

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Ethernet cables are hardwired to your modem and router – streaming music to your devices you’ll hear characteristics of that Ethernet cable due to the power supply, circuit design, and the cable’s LCR values that play a part in how the antennas interact with each other.

A high quality cable can improve audio by reducing EMI & RFI interference, signal reflections in the cable and increased jitter over longer lengths.


  • Performance rated for 750 MHz bandwidth.
  • 32 AWG 99.98% pure OFC, 24 k gold plated 8x8 (RJ45) plugs.
  • Each twisted pair in the cable is individually wrapped-in aluminium foil Mylar (100% Coverage).
  • Overall Copper Braided Shielded.
  • Category 7 SFTP cable wired straight through.


  • Cable Standard: CAT7
  • Connector:-
    • Connector A- RJ-45 Male
    • Connector B- RJ-45 Male
  • Colour:Black
  • Conductor Type: 99.98% pure OFC, stranded copper
  • Wire Gauge:  32 AWG