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Solar-Eclipse Power Cable by A.L.A. Audio

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Solar-Eclipse Mains Power Cable by A.L.A Audio 

"Tonally accurate with color free presentation, exhibiting exceptional dynamic resolution with natural life like clarity

Designed by A L.A Audio Technology for digital front end, source equipment and pre-amps. Using an advanced conductor arrangement with tuned-length 5N-Ag flat ribbon conductors, individually shielded litz ground conductor; aerospace grade shielding & piezoelectric materials to address the following five areas of performance degradation:

1. Reduce mechanical resonance and formation of eddy currents; maintaining consistent electrical properties

2. Minimal phase shift through accuracy of conductor geometry 

3. Strength and flexibility of cable

4. Reduce formation of EMI fields affecting nearby equipment with low inductance conductor arrangement 

5. Achieve accuracy in tonal character through minimal conductor contact with dielectric material & highly refined conductor surfaces

6. Effectively eliminate radiating or absorbing unwanted higher frequencies and shunting them to ground 

Built in Australia from ground up, a Labor intensive process requiring long hours, made to order & tested, meeting tight engineering tolerances 

*Data sheet supplied 

trial this cable for 30 days to determine suitability in your system

Optional Plugs:

1. FURUTECH FI-11(r) rhodium or (g) gold C15 IEC and Australian approved mains connector

2. FURUTECH FI-50(r) C15 IEC and Australian approved mains connector  

Other Furutech fittings are available on request 

** Tuned 1.8m length 

**Other lengths are optional on request keeping in mind that we cannot guarantee cables subjective performance in alternative lengths 

"Contact me to discuss as I also have similar version of this cable to suit Integrated Amplifier & Power Amplifier < 1000VA and can build cables to suit your system and budget"