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Canare L-4E6S Balanced Interconnect XLR Cable (Tuned Pair)

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This High-End Grade XLR cable is made in Australia by Audiophile Store using Canare Quad Cable L-4E6S cable & Neutrik Gold XLR-F XLR-M  connectors in a Quad Core Design.

Furutech Audiophile grade silver solder is used with professional nitrogen assisted solder process. 

All solder points are Furutech Nano Liquid contact enhancement treated (Gold and Silver) to prevent oxidation and improve sound quality. 

* Each cable pair is tuned making them ideal for high-end stereo applications 


Cable Type XLR 

Shielding >95% TAC Braid

Nominal O.D 0.236" / 6 mm

Jacket 0.044" / 1.12 mm, PVC

Conductors 4

Insulation IPE 15.7

Conductor AWG AC - #24, 40/3.15, 310, #21

Pitch Twist Quad 0.79" / 20 mm

Conductor DCR <29.9 Ohms/1000 ft / <9.8 Ohms/100 m

Shield DCR <9.1 Ohms/1000 ft / <3.0 Ohms/100 m

Nominal Capacitance 46 pF/ft / 150 pF/m,Capacitance Between Twin Blue and Twin White Conductors

57 pF/ft / 185 pF/m, Capacitance Between Conductors to Shield

Nominal Impedance 44 Ohms

Nominal Attenuation 0.9 V/1000 ft / 0.3 V/100 m

Group Delay Time 1.80 nS/ft / 5.9