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C10100 Ribbon RCA Interconnect Cables by A.L.A Audio

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C10100 Ribbon RCA Interconnect Cables by A.L.A Audio Technologies 

Designed and built from ground up in Australia by A.L A Audio. Their construction employes 0.54² 20AWG equivalent speciality custom manufactured C10100 ribbon conductors that have undergone a tailored extrusion process; soft annealed in a sealed Argon gas atmosphere chamber; multiple chemical and metalurgical treatments are then carried out ensuring a flawless surface free from imperfections. 

Use of Teflon and open-cell (LDPE) maximise air as a dialectic. Shielded with aero-space grade conductive carbon and mylar foil with 100 drain wires that terminate at single point along with an internal shunt at the lowest impedance point to ground ensuring pitch black backgrounds.

Construction of this cable is 100%  by hand, a painstaking process that requires long hours. The end result is a reference level Interconnect  that's implementation will unfold perfection in tonality, and linear frequency rise; warmth and intimacy & exceptional levels detail. 

Demo these cables in your system to determine compatibility for 30 days with no obligation. Contact for more information.

*Custom built to order these cables will take 4-6 days to build and test.