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Balanced Audiophile Power Supply

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Toroid Balanced Audiophile Power Supply

This Balanced Power Supply converts conventional unbalanced single-phase mains power to symmetrical balanced power. As a power supply suited to audio equipment, this eliminates most of the spurious components the mains supply, providing a clear, solid earth, all without dampening harmonics'. 


  • Lower noise floor by up to 15dB
  • Improves stereo imaging
  • Extends frequency response
  • Reduces listener fatigue
  • Reduces mains noise problems in class A valve amplifiers 
  • Solves most earth loop problems without compromising safety earths
  • Solves transformer Hum caused by DC in mains

Key features

  • Electrostatic shielding
  • RFI filtering
  • Output: 4 x US or AU sockets 
  • Power consumption: 500W (full load)
  • Size: 210mm * 210mm * 90mm (Width * depth * height)
  • Weight: About 7.5 KG
  • Output 240v

Optional:  upgrade to pure silver internal wiring