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Red-Series Audiophile Active Ground System

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Red-Series Audiophile Active Ground System 

Reduce Electrical Overstress and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) in Your Equipment for improved sonic performance.

Noise on ground can cause errors in digital equipment as well as electrical overstress of components. While regular grounding works well for equalizing static voltage, at high frequencies there is often a significant voltage between different grounded parts. This voltage is usually caused by variable frequency motors, switched mode power supplies, LED lighting and other sources.

Ground EMI filter connected in line with your grounding system blocks noise from propagating throughout your DAC. It provides sub-1 Ohm DC resistance making it suitable for USB or Ethernet applications while offering significant reduction of noise on grounded parts. It is very easy to install and require no maintenance. 

Reduced Ground Noise 

Greatly reduce high-frequency noise on ground and overall noise in digital DAC and other sensitive digital equipment 

Less Errors 
Reduced electrical noise means less errors in digital signals.

Reduction of Electrical Overstress 
Difference in high-frequency voltage between grounded parts in the tools exposes sensitive components to excessive currents that may cause damage. 

Parameter Value
Application Non current-carrying ground circuits
Nominal DC Resistance <0.2Ohms
Noise Attenuation (typ.) > 40dB (100 times)
Connections Screw (supplied with ring terminal)
Dimensions L x W x D 51.3 x 35 x 20mm
Material PTFE plastic


Use in combination with our Red-Series Ground Cable for optimal results. 

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